Monday 26th August 2019

Project Miraisha

In Emerging Markets, Canon is helping local people to establish careers in photography and print. Since December 2014, Canon has facilitated three workshops in Kenya, led by world renowned photojournalist and Canon Master Gary Knight.

Each free week-long workshop was attended by ten photographers from across East Africa. Through classroom learning, one-to-one training by Gary, hands-on application and evening lectures by established Kenya-based photographers, the workshops inspired and developed the students’ ability to tell powerful stories that matter to them through their cameras.
With the support of local partners, Canon is using its core imaging skills to help local people develop livelihoods in professional photography or print. Already some of the workshop students have had their work published locally and abroad.
What does Project Miraisha mean? Miraisha is the combination of the Japanese word ‘mirai’ meaning ‘future’ and the Swahili word ‘maisha’ meaning ‘livelihood or life’.

Next Workshop:

Dates: Saturday 14th May 2016 – Friday 20th May
Location: House of Fotography Studios, Nairobi


Canon Master Gary Knight
Gary is a photojournalist and teacher at TUFFS University, USA and he will be leading the workshop and giving insight into storytelling and the business from which he has over 30 years of experience in.

Teddy Mitchener
Teddy is a Commercial Photographer with House of Fotography & the co-Founder of African Photo Magazine. Teddy will be sharing aspects of starting a commercial photography enterprise from the ground-up, the hidden pitfalls and what makes one a successful professional photographer in Kenya.

Salim Rollins
Salim is a Director/Producer of cinematography, Creative Director of NairobiStyle. Salim has produced numerous TV shows and documentaries, including a short film called Besouro Preto which received the Best Documentary award at the San Francisco Film Festival in 2003. Salim will be sharing about his transition from the US to Kenya and about these two industries- similarities & differences, the business acumen and share any knowledge/ experiences he has have encountered along the way.

May 11, 2016