Monday 26th August 2019
2016 SONY National Winners, Competitons, Egypt, Events

Nader el Assy

Nader El Assy, is from Egypt and holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and works in the
oilfield industry. Nader is however also a passionate landscape and architectural photographer and for him photography is about finding beauty within and around us. Says Nader, I always believe in what the legendary photographer Trey Ratcliff said “A life worth living, is a life worth recording”. Also, photography has his escape from life’s maddening complexities.

The winning photo was taken of Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque, a 1100 year old edifice in Old Cairo. The mosque boasts an ancient architectural art form and the sunlight travels all day long through the passageways passing through wooden windows at the Mosque’s outer walls filling it with light, from the floor, through to the rafters and the heavens above.

Winning Entry

Beauty in Ibn Tulun

Beauty in Ibn Tulun


May 11, 2016