Monday 26th August 2019
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Ilan Godfrey

Born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1980, Ilan Godfrey moved to England at age nineteen to pursue his photographic profession. During this time he gained a BA (Hons) degree in Photography from the University of Westminster in London and was awarded the David Faddy Scholarship to continue his studies, receiving an MA degree in Photojournalism. Ilan spent eleven years working between Johannesburg and London before returning to settle permanently in South Africa in 2011 to focus on several long-term projects, one of which would evolve over two and a half years into the Legacy of the Mine. This resulted in Ilan receiving the prestigious Ernest Cole Award in 2012 to support the completion of this in-depth body of work. Legacy of the Mine was published as his first book in 2013 and was launched in conjunction with solo exhibitions across South Africa.

Ilan Godfrey’s current and ongoing personal photographic practice focuses on extensive issues that reflect South Africa’s constantly changing landscape, documenting the country with an in-depth, intimate and personal conscience. By conveying through long-term projects a process of exploratory narration with photography, he reveals varied aspects of societal change across the country.

May 11, 2016